About Porncash

We are building an ecosystem on blockchain that will benefit a great number of people. Extremely low transactions fees, absolutely no chargebacks, automated investments of earnings, metaverse, NFT, and VR are just a part of our grand vision. We have a roadmap for all our plans and we are committed to making it happen with you on board.

First Decentralized Creator-To-User Token

Universal token to connect everything - creators, users, developers, and marketing

Porncash token is a fair and transparent system to compensate every player of the ecosystem with their share.

While users benefit from lower prices on content due to no platform commission, creators earn more money than ever with the ability to grow their earnings by stalking Porncash income in the native token.

Problems Solved By Porncash

Adult content websites are in the "high-risk" category and you will certainly have much higher processing rates than other "safe" businesses. Processing companies consider risks of losing money due to chargebacks and fraud and they'll charge you more to offset the risk. Sometimes as high as 20% per transaction.

Porncash Token Details

Price Per Token
Total Supply
Available For Sale
Contract Address
Token Sale I February 15, 2022
Starting at $0.69/token
Token Sale II March 15, 2022
Starting at $0.73/token
Token Sale III April 15, 2022
Starting at $0.77/token
Token Sale VI May 15, 2022
Starting at $0.81/token
Token Sale V June 15, 2022
Starting at $0.85/token

Token Allocation

Read Our White Paper

Please have a look at our white paper to learn about the technical aspects of the project.


Benefits of using Porncash in your DeFi website or app

Easy to Buy & Sell

We are committed providing liquidity for all network transactions

Universal Compatibility

Use Porncash with a range of third-party ERC-20 compatible wallets

Community First

We are working on the community bonuses, grants, and charity

Safe & Secure

Each transaction is validated on the network by thousands of independent computers

Porncash Roadmap

Our team is working hard to achieve the project goals

2018 Q3 Concept
  • Concept Creation
2019 Q2 Research
  • White paper completion
2020 Q1 Design
  • Platform design and technical demo
2020 Q4 Seed
  • Seed funding
2021 Q1 Token Beta Test
  • Private closed beta
2022 Q1 Token Sale
  • Public Token Sale Start
2022 Q4 Payment Gateway
  • Prototype published on Ethereum blockchain with real-time processing
2023 Q1 Vendors Beta
  • Smart contract support for partner content web3 apps
2023 Q2 Marketplace Launch
  • Content marketplace launch with token intergration
2023 Q3 Hardware Prototypes
  • Integration of token into third-party VR controllers
2024 Q1 Metaverse Beta
  • Integration of the token into Porncash Metaverse


For any questions please reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.